Last Time

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tomorrow at 5pm will mark the last time I will register for classes in college.  Wow!  Where has time gone?  Have I really been in college for 4 years?  It just doesn't seem real.  This is kind of a bittersweet yet exciting moment for me.  Never having to deal with the stress of scheduling classes again is a huge relief, but realizing that in 7 short months I will be entering the real world is kind of scary.  I've been looking for jobs lately, with no luck thus far, but I am trusting God will put me where He wants.  It makes me nervous not having something lined up, that'd be the control freak in me coming out, but I know I'll find the right job when He wants me to.  If you know of any design related jobs hiring or have some contacts, please let me know! And, if you wouldn't mind, would you please keep me, this job search, and my Haiti trip in your prayers? I would really appreciate it!

On random note...why are chick flicks so good?  They drag you in, let you dream for a couple of hours, and then leave you wanting more.  Wishing that was you in the movie or wishing that scenario would come true one day.  They are such a tease, but I love them so much.  I hate the lonely feeling I get after a great romantic movie, but I can't keep myself from watching them.  Maybe I just love getting to dream for those 2 hours.  Who knows, one day maybe that scenario will come true for me? You never know I guess. For now however, I am left dreaming and wishing for a man to come sweep me off my feet. Until then, I think I'll just head to bed, go to class, hang out with friends, and enjoy life (and maybe do a little more dreaming)!

Goodnight everyone! Happy Sunday!

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  1. You wait on His timing and it'll be better than a dream!