Friday Five (on saturday yet again): Fall Break

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall break calls for lots of sleeping in, hanging out with family, enjoying home cooked meals, and relaxing, but I have a few other plans as well.  I can't waste away a full week by doing absolutely nothing, but I can enjoy it by doing things I otherwise wouldn't normally have time to do.  So what's on the list of to do's you may wonder?  Well...

5.  Look up furniture and finishes for my Wrenn Project.  When I'm at school, my time is spent finalizing plans.  Soon I'll be focusing on drawing perspectives, rendering, drawing elevations, and finalizing everything for the project.  It's hard to find time to look up furniture and finishes, even though its the best part.  So I plan to enjoy some time wading through my favorite furniture websites and finding the perfect pieces and finishes for my project.

4. Get ahead on my history of architecture assignments.  I am going to TRY to write my final paper for this section of the class and start studying for our test.  I'm hoping he'll post the other assignments soon so I can possibly get ahead on those too.  When finals start rolling around, my projects will go into overdrive and his papers will inevitably be pushed to the back burner.

3.Go shopping.  This fall weather is starting to get pretty chilly and my warm wardrobe is rather sparse.  Since I'm dressing up 3-4 times a week, and market starts after break, I need to restock my warm professional wardrobe.  I also need to get some new jeans.  So Old Navy and Gap Outlet here I come!

2.  Finish Erin's pillows and make a before and after post out of it.  When Erin and Stephen bought their new sofa, it came with some hideous tangerine back pillows.  So because I love her so very much (and she knows how good my sewing skills are) I so willingly sewed her some new pillows (ha!).  Or maybe she begged me to sew them and I hesitantly said ok.  Regardless, I have almost finished her throw pillows and I have to say they look pretty good.  Pictures coming soon!

1.  Finish decorating Erin and Stephen's apartment.  When they moved in, I helped choose paint colors, and set up a few of the rooms.  Now that all the furniture is in place, I need to work on accessorizing the walls.  They are all fairly (or completely) bare at the moment, so I need to get on that.  Hopefully, I can come up with some ideas and get working on it this break.  Oh the things I do for them :)

Those are my goals for this break...we shall see how many I get completed!

On another note:  Happy Birthday to one of my best friends Jodi Chesko!! I love you, hope you're enjoying your time in Florida!

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