Friday Five: Favorite TV Shows

Friday, October 21, 2011

One of the things during my hectic schedule that I do to relax is enjoy some of my favorite television shows. It's one of my guilty pleasures.  I love having time to sit back, relax, and dive into a great story.  There are probably too many shows I love watching but there are some that I will always make time in my week to enjoy. Those shows are:

5. Person Of Interest.  This is a new show on CBS and I've really started enjoying it.  It's about this guy who created a program for the government to identify terrorist threats.  The problem was, it also ended up identifying everyone with a killer's mentality or those who are in risk of being killed.  He takes those people, and has his guy track them down to prevent them from being harmed or doing harm.  It's a different type of crime show which is very refreshing, and it's actually quite good.

4. Unforgettable. This is another new show on CBS. (Go CBS for creating two great new shows this season!!)  Unforgettable tells the story of a woman who literally cannot forget anything. She can go back in her memory and remember anything she saw.  She uses her skills as a cop to solve crimes, while trying to solve her sister's murder from when she was a child.  It's really cool to watch, and another great twist on the classic crime show.

3. Alphas.   I typically don't enjoy Sci-fi movies or shows, but this one is really good.  It tells the story of a group of people called Alphas. They all have special skills like mind control, super strength, extra sensitive senses, etc.  They use these skills as a task force for the police to track down other Alphas who are harming people.  It's kind of a twist on the typical superhero shows, but different.  Its really good.  I really enjoy the character Gary, his character is witty and hilarious without trying to be.

2. Dancing With The Stars.  I know, I know a lot of you hate this show but it is actually REALLY good! I love to watch all the dances, especially the pro dancers.  Its fun to watch, and dream about doing one day.  I also love to watch the different personalities interact and see what new choreography the pro dancers can come up with.  My favorite dancer was Julieanne Hough but unfortunately she is not on the show anymore. My favorite now is Derek, her brother.  The choreography they come up with is incredible and always fun to watch.

1. Criminal Minds.  This is my all time FAVORITE show.  I love to watch the stories and see how they catch the serial killers.  The characters are always a joy to watch and I love to see their personalities unfold.  I have seen every episode and can tell you what will happen in almost any of them.  I have also gotten everyone I've ever shown this show to addicted.  That would be my entire family, my roommates, and when they show people their friends get hooked too.  The show is simply a.m.a.z.i.n.g.  Just watch one episode, you'll be hooked forever.  If you need a recap of the last 6 seasons just let me know.  Love it! I will never miss this show! And come on, who doesn't love watching Shemar Moore??

Speaking of favorite shows, my true 2nd favorite was taken off the air last year.  I loved the show Lie to Me.  It was about a guy who read facial expressions to tell when people were lying.  I got hooked on this show from Jenn Hambrick last year. It makes you feel like you can tell when anyone is lying to you giving you a new power you've never had before.  It also had great characters and wonderful stories.  I would love for it to come back on the air, but I don't think that will happen.  Until then, I'll keep enjoying these shows. You should give them all a watch. They're really good! But be warned: you WILL get hooked!

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