Friday Five (on Saturday again): Norton Necessities

Saturday, October 8, 2011

In honor of how I'm spending my weekend (aka in Norton Every. Single. Day.) I thought I'd give you a little glimpse into my 2nd home, Norton, and what is required to survive an extended stay in the CAD labs.  So for my Friday five, here are the 5 Norton Necessities for a long work session:

5.  A drink.  It does not have to be alcoholic, although plenty of people have opted for that option multiple times.  I have to have something to sip on when I'm sitting here for 5+ hours so I like to bring sweet tea or water to keep me hydrated.

4. Snacks. When you sit at the CAD table long enough, everyone gets the munchies.  We rarely want to take a break to get actual food because that's an hour of work time we must give up.  So our solution is to bring snacks.  Meghan McCloskey is a snack pro and is always fully stocked in case one of us forgets :).

3. Comfortable clothes. If you're going to sit here this long you might as well get comfy.  Sweat pants are usually my clothing of choice.

2. A blanket. The CAD labs are always freezing so a blanket or sweatshirt is a MUST have.  I've been opting for a blanket lately because it's more comfortable than a heavy sweatshirt.

1.Amazing Friends. It is absolutely impossible to make it through a long work session without your best friends sitting beside you.  My crew right now is Jodi, Jessica, Megan, and Meghan.  Jodi is known for her comic relief and singing/dancing abilities. Jessica has the amazing time management skills we all envy and knows everything about CAD and sketchup.  Megan is my work twin because we tend to have the same work methods and time management skills. Meghan is CAD queen and is patient enough to answer our questions for us while still staying 3 steps ahead.  I couldn't do it without these ladies.  They have gotten me through this program and I love them all dearly.

Here is my supply pile today (minus my clothes and friends)

Now back to work :)

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