Friday Five (on Monday): Random Thoughts

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sorry I missed my Friday Five again.  I left for Boone this weekend to visit Cassie and forgot all about it.  So for a new blog post and my missed friday five here are the 5 things on my mind at this given moment.  These will be in no particular order of importance.  Warning:  It's midnight and I'm about to go to bed so sorry if I ramble.

5.  I miss my sweet Coconut.  It's hard being away from home when I'm at school for so long, and he is one of the things that always makes me miss home even more.  He's such a sweet puppy and mys misses him very much.  Mys would like to hold hims and give hims a kiss. (if you don't know my coconut voice this probably made no sense to you).  Here's a picture of my sweet coconut.

4.  Haiti plans are well underway and things are beginning to move.  I spent my 3 hours at work today sitting addressing and stuffing envelopes to send out.  I can't pay for the trip alone, so I will be sending out fundraising letters shortly and they require a lot of hand written work.  Here's a picture of my desk today.

3.  I'm trying to come up with a gift idea to take to Dorothy's staff when we go to Haiti.  We'll be staying with her and we want to give a small gift to the ladies that work there to show our appreciation for them and to let them know we are thinking of them.  Right now I'm looking at jewelry as a possibility, because what woman doesn't appreciate jewelry?  I'm scouring Etsy right now to find some beautiful yet affordable options.  These are some I've found so far.  If you know of anything or have a better idea please let me know, we're open to options and could use some ideas!

     Cross Necklace
     Basic Silver Necklace
     Simple Initial or Cross Necklace
     Silver Leaf with Pearl
     Linked Hearts Silver Bracelet
     White Pearl and Silver Bracelet

2.  In the back of my mind this project keeps creeping up on me.   All day I've been trying to ignore that little voice so I don't stress myself out.  I'll worry about that in class tomorrow....oh school, why do you have to be so stressful??

1.  Relationships have also been on my mind a lot today.  I'm surrounded by people in serious and wonderful relationships with their significant other and I'll be honest, its hard at times.  I know God has the right man chosen for me, and I will meet him when God wants me to....but I still get lonely.  It's hard to watch and listen to all the stories and such while sitting and dreaming it was me.  But regardless, I go to bed each night and try my very best to be patient and hopeful as I wait on God's timing.  Some nights are just harder than others...

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