Fall break

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Whew! I've officially made it through 1/4 of my senior year.  It didn't hit me that fall break had arrived until I was able to sleep in this morning and do absolutely nothing A.L.L. day!!  Love it!!!   This semester has been pretty stressful already as you know from my previous posts, but it's kind of weird to think that it's now halfway done. Wow.  However, fall break is a much needed pause in life to relax, regroup, and reenergize.  I finished my Phillip's Stair Redesign on Monday (that would be 4 days early, oh yeah!) and turned it in after class on Wednesday. It's always a huge relief to turn an assignment in.  I love it.  Now i'm just waiting to get my grade, fingers crossed i'll get a good grade!

On another note, I've decided I have a true problem when it comes to writing papers.  As you all know, I despise writing papers.  I do not enjoy it at all and do not understand the purpose of them in design.  No employer is EVER going to ask me to write them a paper, they are going to ask me to draw out plans and other projects.  Thus, our design teachers should be giving us assignments that are pertinent to our future job and leave the papers to our english teachers.  But I digress.  The problem I discovered is that because I hate them so much, I have a tendency to turn almost all papers in late.  I put them off to the very last minute (and usually push that minute even further).  Even worse, is that because I get an A on practically every paper I write, I know that I can turn it in late and still get a good grade.  Its a problem.  I need to fix it. I just hate them SO much.  Ugh.

Anyways, I'm going to go enjoy my fall break now, I just thought I'd give you all a little update.

Goodnight :)

Here's my stair project if you'd like to take a look!  This first two pages are drawings of the existing stairs and the second 2 pages are of my proposed redesign.  I changed the balusters and newel post to better fit aesthetically with the existing architecture.  I didn't want to change Dr. Qubein's vision too dramatically, my goal was simply to make it more historically correct with the existing Greco-Roman features.  This was all done on CAD. (Sorry for the terrible quality, they are meant to be printed on a  24"x32" sheet and I can't upload that big of an image)

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3 Responses to “Fall break”

  1. i like the detail of your work though could not look at it in detail.you got a wow blog, should be following it,

  2. umm....you don't have nothing to do. you have assignments from me to do. :)

  3. Thank you please follow it! Sorry the pictures are so small on here,the full quality wouldn't fit!

    Erin- i know, but i'd like to relax for a day first. I'll look at the apartment tomorrow and come up with some ideas