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Jodi Chesko

Monday, March 21, 2011

So just for fun, I will continue telling you about my best friends. I also met Jodi during Drafting class last year. She sat at the drafting tables in the middle of the room facing Meredith and I. All semester I remember laughing at the various things she would say during class. I figured I might be annoying her, but she was always hilarious and made class a little more enjoyable. When the drafting project came around, she ended up sitting at the group of tables with all of us. She later told me that she loved that I laughed at her jokes and that it made her not feel silly for talking during class. So throughout that week of "fun" and countless 2am diner runs, Jodi and I became very good friends. She's such a sweet, fun-loving, carefree, girl who makes life a lot more fun for all of us. So here are a few of the things that I love most about Jodi:

  1. She can dance on the CAD tables like a pro.
  2. She understands fully how rediculous it is to ask someone to order you Starbucks with 15+ requirements.
  3. She can come up with a song to just about any phrase you say.
  4. She appreciates the 50 cent toy machines more than anyone I know.
  5. She will cry over a squished bug on the floor.
  6. She will never inconvenience you or make you feel obligated.
  7. She is doing great at her new year's resolution!
  8. She will feed stray cats her leftovers from dinner.
  9. She will only spit tea on you if she really considers you her friend.
  10. She will search for the purple road anytime.
  11. She understands what I mean when I say- "Don't make eye contact with guys at the diner"
  12. Her car's name is Heidi.
  13. She bought me the best friendship ring ever.
  14. She has a cuddle buddy tattoo.
  15. She orders no chocolate syrup on the cookie skillet.
  16. She is engaged to a famous hockey player.
  17. In our world everyone's a pony and we all eat rainbows and poop butterflies.
  18. I taught her how to clean a toilet.
  19. She loves how I make ramen noodles.
  20. We both share a deep love for kraft macaroni and cheese.
  21. She could probably order for me at any restaurant we go to.
  22. She loves getting cheesy fun gifts.
  23. She loves my sweet tea.
  24. She will proudly boast that she slept with jessica in charleston.
  25. She's so proud to call and let me know when she has shopped frugally.
  26. She's living with us next year and I cannot wait to be serenaded by her every day!
Those are just a few things I love about her, but Jodi is just incredible! She makes us all laugh, brightens our days, and we all know she will be there for us anytime! Thanks for being such a great friend Jodi! Love youu! (ps. I hope you live in Raleigh when we graduate because I will miss you too much if you live far away!)

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Friday, March 18, 2011

I thought I'd write a little fun post about the best suitemate ever: Meredith Mirick. Last year, fall semester, Meredith and I had Drafting class together. She had just transferred to the school and sat right beside me. I introduced myself to her (which I NEVER do), because I figured it was about time to start making friends in my major. Little did I know, that would lead to one of the greatest friendships ever. She is absolutely hilarious and over the last year and a half we have become really close. So here are a few things I love about her:

  1. She makes me laugh hysterically every single day.
  2. She's the only one that appreciates the quote "lets get this done"
  3. Talking about John Smith always makes us laugh.
  4. She taught us all how to properly kill ourselves if the need arises.
  5. She's completely oblivious when any guy hits on her.
  6. She believes she's a mermaid.
  7. She's taught us all to look in the mirror and say "I'm beautiful" on a daily basis.
  8. She and I seem to always be on the same wavelength in class- we can just glance at each other and know what both of us are thinking.
  9. She's disgusted by hair- especially facial hair on men.
  10. She finds the best youtube videos- curiosity usually directs her choices.
  11. She's taught me a lot of things I never knew- like what a wing man is.
  12. We never, EVER run out of things to talk about.
  13. She makes it a point to have our 11 o'clock talks every night (usually not ending until 1 despite her best efforts)
  14. She will stretch anywhere, at anytime.
  15. She will understand this perfectly- Nubs.
  16. We keep each other sane when it comes to design projects.
  17. She may be my date to Erin's wedding.
  18. She is a pro at unbuttoning her skirt.
  19. She talks about her car like a person and her first child. R.I.P Lj
  20. She is going to dress her husband and son in matching ralph lauren polos.
  21. She chose to live with us next year!!
So basically she's amazing and I love living with her! My days would not be nearly as enjoyable or entertaining without her! Love you Meredith!

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Summer Happenings

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I realized the other day, that my summer is going to be packed. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, it just means I am going to have a busy summer with very little down time. Between taking 3 online courses (so I can graduate on time), working at an internship (hopefully!), working at Day Camp, and helping my sister finish planning and actually have her wedding, lets just say I've got a LOT to do! With the exception of taking classes, I am very excited about this summer and am eagerly awaiting all of the activities I've got planned.

An internship, means I will get to have more hands-on experience in Design which is MUCH needed right now. Over the last year, I have come to really feel official in this work and actually feel like I know what I'm doing now. It's an incredible yet scary feeling seeing as how this will be my life in a little over a year! (Yikes!) I come to love it more and more each day though, and I'm really excited to get some in-field experience.
  • Speaking of which, I got a Furniture Market job! This is HUGE in the design world. This is where all major Designers, furniture companies, etc come together in one place. Huge I tell you, HUGE! I've never worked market before, and I'm very excited to have this opportunity.
  • I also am working on getting an internship with Baker Furniture next semester! My teacher Mrs. Megliola recommended me for the position and I can't even explain in words how big of an opportunity this is! This internship could potentially help me achieve up to 6 credits in school, and seeing as how Baker is one of the biggest furniture companies out there- this would be an AMAZING opportunity and could really jump start my career. I have an interview April 19th so please, please, PLEASE, keep me in your prayers! I really need this job!
I'm also very excited to work at Day Camp again this year. I've been promoted to Director of Early Childhood Development and am really excited for what this summer holds. I love being with the kids, hanging out with our staff, and really enjoy working there everyday. The job can have long days, but I love it. There's nothing better than working somewhere that you enjoy and connect with the staff. It's great!

And the biggest event of my summer is Erin's Wedding! As the maid of honor, and sister of the bride, I have quite a few duties on my plate. One of my biggest ones is her bachelorette party. I've never thrown one before so any ideas are welcome! It's kind of weird that she's getting married, but I am so happy for her and Stephen. They will make a wonderful family and I am blessed to call them my family. And hey, who doesn't love helping plan a wedding!

Until summer however, I have a last few things to tie up on my end so everything will run smoothly. And just for my sanity and benefit, I will share with you my list. (Please feel free to skip this portion)
  • Contact schools and get information on summer courses
  • Get summer classes approved by HPU
  • Apply for summer courses
  • Find a summer internship
  • Interview for and hopefully finalize internship with Baker
  • Complete this semester's classes (hopefully with all A's!)
  • Finalize Day Camp plans/supplies
  • Get bridesmaid dress altered and buy shoes for the wedding

So there you have it, my summer happenings. Please keep me in your prayers about these internship possibilities. I would really appreciate it!

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You know your an Interior Design major when...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

  1. Spending less than 5 hours in the design building is a quick night of work.
  2. You find drafting tape stuck to your clothes.
  3. It's normal to have a bunch of fabric fibers on your clothes.
  4. You have a shelf of bins in your closet designated to file your resources such as fabric, tiles, paint samples, etc.
  5. You have to explain on a regular basis that rendering is not coloring.
  6. You yell out during a movie "that's a barcelona chair!"
  7. You analyze the space planning of every restaurant you dine in, and always find a way to improve it.
  8. You could pay for college with the amount of money you've spent at hobby lobby.
  9. You have a steady supply of rubber cement, foam core, matte board, x-acto blades, and tape on hand at all times.
  10. Your dreams consist of how to improve the current project your working on.
  11. You'd ask just about anyone for a back massage- you'd do anything for one.
  12. You have to check your bag before going through security to make sure you took your utility knife out- because you know it's always in there!
  13. You keep a measuring tape on you at all times.
  14. You cringe at being called a decorator, and always find a way to correct and educate the person on the difference between the two.
  15. You have visible scars from your drafting tools.
  16. You cut yourself with an x-acto blade and your first thought is "please don't let there be blood on my project."
  17. You understand that there is no such thing as too much caffeine.
  18. Your professional wardrobe never seems to be big enough for all the events you must attend.
  19. You watch HGTV and think "Oh I can do that."
  20. Your normal handwriting becomes quick lettering.
  21. You're funniest stories happen during your 2am IHOP runs with your design girls.
  22. You have the best support group of friends anyone could wish for.
  23. You can read this and relate to everything i've said.

If you can think of something i've left off let me know!

Love my design girls!

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