My Last Dorm Room

Sunday, October 16, 2011

As promised, here are some pictures of my dorm room this year.  Kind of sad to think this is the last dorm I will live in, but I am SOO excited to get to decorate my own apartment in a few short months!  Until then, this is where I'll be living.  We're still tweaking a few small things, but overall its pretty close to completion!  Enjoy!

My Bedroom.  I really wanted this bedding for my room this year but couldn't justify the price on a student budget.  Instead I went with this one and after a long search for the right curtains, I actually really like it now. Although I still hope to have this bedding one day!

View of my desk/dresser area from the door.  Please notice my beautiful Baker pillow on the chair.  My boss was getting rid of pillows and said I could have any I wanted.  This pillow would probably retail for $200+!  Love it!!

Better view of my desk area.  That picture frame and letter combination has made it into all four of my dorm rooms (painted appropriately each time of course).  I thought it was only appropriate to use them one last time.

View from the other side of my bedroom looking into the hallway.  The letters above the door have also been in all four of my dorm rooms.  It's my favorite piece.

View from the end of our hall looking towards the door.  The big black board on the wall is our fantastic quote wall. It's guaranteed to always give you a good laugh.

Mine and Jessica's bathroom.  Fully equipped with bathroom inspired words in French.  I'm all for funny bathroom art!

Our kitchen.  The microwave should be coming soon so please ignore the hideous bracket above the stove top.  The birthday decor on Jodi's door is not typically there, but we celebrated the day before I took these pictures.

Our living room.  We went with a grey/green/coral color palette.  I love the pillows I ordered from Etsy, she did a great job!

The other side of our living room. Please notice the other Baker pillow I chose sitting in the chair!

On another note: Happy Birthday to my friend Todd!  He just joined the Marines and is at Paris Island for boot camp.  We all miss you and are praying for you! Stay strong and we'll see you when you get back. (Todd is on the far left, although Kevin's face in this makes me laugh every single time.)

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