Monday, November 28, 2011

Well it's official...senioritis has definitely set in.  Thanksgiving break gave me just enough of a break to make me not want to be back at school.  It's hard to believe there is only a week and a half left of classes, and that my projects are all due next Tuesday.  Where has this semester gone?  And why can I not get my brain back in work mode?   I have a TON of stuff due this Thursday and I really need my brain to start functioning in design mode again.  I was talking with Jodi last night and we decided college would be perfect if we could live this life minus classes.  Then we decided every student in a major other than Interior Design does live that lifestyle.  We've all decided we are crazy for choosing this major.  No one warned us going in how hard, time consuming, and stressful it would be.  I've been at it for 3 1/2 years now and my brain is beginning to shut down.  Unfortunately for me however, I cannot give into these senioritis feelings.  I must get back to work and finish these projects.  (I just don't want to!).


I can do this.  I will make it.  I can do this.  Right?  Oh I hope so.
This is what my to do list looks like for the next 4 days:

  • Draw 3 perspectives
  • Render those perspectives
  • Finalize 4 elevations
  • Render those elevations
  • Draw an axonometric
  • Render that axonometric
  • Draw my ceiling plan for the Wrenn Room
  • Choose lighting and other accessories for Wrenn
  • Put all my programming and budge information into a spec book
  • Finalize my kitchen elevations
  • Draw a perspective of my Kitchen
  • Put together 3 boards for my store project
  • Present my store project
  • Draw my sections and details for the kitchen project
I'm officially stressed out.  Funny thing is, I'm on top of all my checkpoints and deadlines for each project and I still have all of that left to do.  I can do this?????   I can do this.

On the bright side, after I turn all of that craziness in, I will get to spend a relaxing weekend with Cassie, Todd, and Kevin. Along with Meredith's boyfriend Jack, and Jodi's guy Ryan.  Hotel Motel 409 is officially booked with 5 guests, we are no longer taking reservations! Ha!  It's going to be a CRAZY fun weekend in room 409!  (I just have to make it to Thursday!)

Norton here I come!

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