Homemade Delights

Saturday, November 12, 2011

One of my favorite foods growing up was my Great Grandmother's soupy corn.  When she passed away my grandmother began making it and it has carried on through the generations.  When summer hits and corn on the cob comes in season, my first thought is I can't wait to eat her soupy corn.  It's best with fresh from the garden corn and made by my grandmother, but tonight I decided to try my hand at making a batch.  I've been craving it for months now, and with the weather getting so cold I thought it would make a great dinner.  Yesterday at Erin's I got out our Hemric Family Cookbook, wrote the recipe down, and decided I'd make it tonight.  Unfortunately I couldn't use fresh from the garden corn, but Harris Teeter had some in their produce aisle that worked perfectly.  I whipped together a batch using the recipe, opened up some Zesta crackers and indulged. It tasted just like my grandma's and I felt like I was at home again.  Delicious!

SO good and really easy. The hardest part was cutting the corn off the cob, but it wasn't difficult.

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