Friday (Four &) Five: Baker Edition

Friday, November 11, 2011

Sitting at Baker today, I was trying to come up with an idea for my Friday Five, when it hit me that I should show you all my favorite Baker pieces.  As I walked through the showroom, picking just 5 items was a bit hard.  Everything is so beautiful here and ultra-comfortable. So instead of just picking 5 items, I chose my five favorite pieces, along with my four favorite spots/exhibits in the showroom (hence the Friday Four & Five title).  So brace yourselves to see some beautiful items and be prepared: This post will be picture overload!

My Five Favorite Pieces in Baker:
5.  The Anneau Table Lamp.  I love the organic curves and appeal of this lamp. It would go well in almost any contemporary or transitional space.  It comes in bronze or white and retails around $2,000 depending on the finish.

4. Thomas Pheasant Temple Console. This beautiful console table with classical column legs is perfect for an entry way, small buffet in a dining room, or as an elegant console table in a living room.  It retails around $7000.

3.  Thomas Pheasant Paris Bed. This is the perfect upholstered bed, with a tufted headboard, beautiful pillows, and elegant fabrics.  It's a king size which everyone loves and I think it is absolutely stunning! Retail price starts around $10,000, as shown its $13710 (I think I have good taste!).

2. Thomas Pheasant Etagere. These last two were a little bit harder for me because I love them both equally.  They are both, hands-down, my absolute favorite pieces in the ENTIRE showroom.  This etagere (or as you call it bookshelf) is absolutely stunning. It comes as one unit and while it is gorgeous standing alone, it is breath-taking when grouped together. See for yourself.  (I think I'm going to get Pa to make a knock-off version of this for me one day!) Retail price $9150.
I love the crisp white books and accents used on this grouping! (keep a lookout, you may see this again further down)

A smaller grouping with colorful accents. Stunning isn't it?

1. Thomas Pheasant Moderne Wing Chair.  Like I said, this chair and the etagere above are both my favorite pieces, but I listed this one as number one because of its comfort quality. You'd have to sit in it to understand, but this chair hugs you when you sit.  It's my favorite place to relax in the showroom and I would love to have it in my house one day.  I can picture myself curling up in a blanket on this chair with a nice cup of hot chocolate enjoying my favorite movie.  Oh yes.  I will own this one day! Retail price starts at $5775, as shown $7623.

Now for my Four Favorite areas in Baker:

4.  The McGuire Chair Wall: The very first time I walked through Baker, this is the display that stuck out in my mind.  I love the creative display for chairs. You get to see every style, finish, angle, etc.  Genius I tell you, and beautiful!

3. The Fabric Walls: Obviously with my major I have a true obsession love for beautiful fabrics.  This wall is one of my favorite places to explore, along with the sample fabrics to the left and right of it.  I love having access to high quality fabric samples.  It comes is very handy with my major. 

2. The Lamp Wall: Now come on, what designer wouldn't love this wall?? Fabulous I tell you! They've got pretty much every lamp Baker carries on display here and as stunning as it looks, it's even more fun to explore.  I can't wait until I can actually look with the intent to buy!

1. And my all time favorite place in the showroom.  Can you guess it?  The Thomas Pheasant Bedroom:  Surprised? Clearly since 3 of my 5 favorite Baker pieces are all in one room, this is my favorite place!  I want this bedroom setup so badly. It's perfect. (I was sitting in the Moderne Wing Chair when I took this)

Whew! I think that's enough pictures for one day! It's time for me to get up off my favorite chair and hit the road to go home.  Off to decorate Erin's apartment now!!

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