Friday Five: Must Have Etsy Items (part 2)

Friday, November 18, 2011

If you remember from this post, I told you about my five favorite Etsy finds.  After scouring Etsy and the Fabulous Fun Finds Blog Peppermint Giveaways  I've found five more must have Etsy items.  (These would make great Christmas presents for all you family reading :D along with the other list of 5).  These are in no particular order.

5.  This necklace with an A charm.  This Etsy shop owner made the necklaces we are giving to Dorothy's staff when we go to Haiti.  They are adorable and affordable!  I'd want an 18in chain but they're great.

4. This necklace. I found this necklace on the fabulous fun finds blog during their giveaway.  I love the color and uniqueness of this necklace.

3. This Pillow.  I've noticed lately that I have a bit of an obsession love for pillows.  This is currently top on my must buy list, although there are a LOT of others I can't afford want.

2. This necklace. I also saw this necklace on a fabulous fun find giveaway.  I think it is so beautiful.

1.  This one is a little more tricky because I'm not exactly sure when or if I'll be able to get it. While looking through one of my favorite Etsy shops (pillows :D) I saw one of her pillows laying on top of this blanket.  I fell in love with it and have been looking everywhere for one since. I emailed the shop owner and come to find out, she made this blanket but apparently with the amount of labor and time it took, it's not profitable. Darn.  She is going to try to figure out a way, after the holidays, to make it more successfully (and profitably) and then will let me know.  I'm REALLY hoping she can figure out a way because I'm in love with it! So this is definitely a must have Etsy find, but clearly not a good Christmas present.  Maybe birthday :)

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