A View Through My Eyes

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I'm trying very hard to be productive in Norton today.  We've got a LOT of stuff due on Tuesday and I've only got part of it done.  Megan and I came over here this afternoon around 1pm only to find that the power was out on main campus and they couldn't let us into the building.  We lost 3 hours of productivity time, but I'll be honest I enjoyed having a few hours to relax.  We finally got into the building at 4pm and have been working non-stop since.  A dinner break will happen soon, but we'll be in here all night weekend.  Here, take a look at what I'm seeing for the next 8 hours:

My work area.  Orderly chaos as always.

An overview of all the plans drawn on my CAD file at this moment.

Make you dizzy?  Yeah I think I'm going cross-eyed or will be by the time I do this to the other 3 floors.

Oh Norton.  We have a love-hate relationship.  I will love it again when I turn this project in and have the satisfaction of finishing another project.  Until then, we are not on great terms. 

This is my to do list for Tuesday:
  • Wrenn Room Elevations
    • Key elevations to my floor plan
  • Reflected Ceiling plan of all 4 floors in Wrenn (that'd be the dizzying picture above)
  • Electrical/Switching plan for all 4 floors in Wrenn
  • Finish cabinet plan for kitchen project
  • Draw the rest of my elevations for the kitchen
Sounds like I've gotten nothing done but the other parts due for Tuesday that I've finished are:
  • Finalize my Wrenn budget and key all furniture to my floor plan
  • Finalize fabric choices for Wrenn
  • Finished my new construction plan for the kitchen project
  • Part of my kitchen elevations are done
  • Part of my reflected ceiling plans are done
Whew! I should get back to work now.

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2 Responses to “A View Through My Eyes”

  1. Allyson, Allyson, Allyson. I don't know how you'll do it, but I know you will. Good luck. I love you! Be careful being there at night. ~Dee

  2. I don't know how I do it either but somehow I always do. Love you too