The Rise of the Nutcrackers

Friday, November 18, 2011

It's that time of year again folks.  Time for HPU to shine their holiday spirit with the rise of the Nutcrakcers. Yep, every year our promenade gets lined with Nutcrackers.  They put one on almost every light pole down the promenade with strings of Christmas lights up the pole to make it shine. They are beautiful, and always a hot topic of discussion around here.  Last year we had the fall of the Nutcrackers, which made top news around High Point. The wind knocked them right down.  See ----v

This year they are standing strong so far. 
I also got a good laugh today when I pulled up to Norton to see two new friends guarding the building.

From what I could tell, we are the only building with Nutcrackers.  I guess HPU thought this building needed a little extra protection since we're in here at all hours.  Ha! Aren't they cute?

Another Happy Early Christmas from HPU!

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