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Thursday, April 19, 2012

It is 6:40pm on April 19,2012.  I am currently in Norton, doing nothing other than waiting for our Steakhouse reservation at 7.  I have completed, PDFed (yes I made that up), and submitted the last phase of my Senior Seminar project.  Aka I'm basically DONE!!!!!!!!!!! Ha!  And it's an entire day early (I think that's a first!)

While this day has been nothing short of chaotic, it has turned out to be a pretty great day.  I got some training in for Market, took a final exam, presented my portfolio, and submitted my project.  I'd call that a successful day!  Not only that but I also realized this morning that this is my last day of class.  Ever. 

Try to wrap your head around that for a moment......I know I can't either! It's absolutely insane! I never in a million years thought this day would come.  I still have a few minor things to do for my portfolio class, I have to present my Senior Seminar project, and take my sociology final exam, but basically I'm done with college.  Insane.

On another note, I have spent the last week working very busily in the Lazar Showroom helping set up for market. As you may know from past posts, I've worked in the Lazar showroom for the past three markets assisting the Florida sales rep with his clients.  This time, I contacted Debra Venti who is in charge of all of the fabric selections, applications, and setup for market, and asked to be a part of the premarket.  It has been an incredibly long week, but I have absolutely loved getting to see this side of market!! This is one of the first times I have actually gotten to have hands-on experience with design.  I was a bit hesitant and unsure of my abilities at first, but once we got into it I got really comfortable with things.  I learned floral arranging is not my strong suit, but I love to accessorize. Design is definitely not a glamorous job, but it is so rewarding! I learned a lot and took a lot of inspiration from Debra and how she set things up.  It's true, only 10% of design is taught in the classroom, the rest you learn in the field!

When we started the showroom basically looked like this, except it was completely empty minus a few tables and lamps:

As we worked and unwrapped all of the furniture that slowly came in, the showroom began to look a little more like this:
With a lot of this:
Sadly, that's only the wrappings from about 20 of the 240 pieces of furniture we unwrapped this week.  I told you, it's not glamorous!

For a while there, Debra was worried the showroom would not get done, but we did the entire space in 5 days! Kind of crazy, but so rewarding to see!  You'll have to wait to see the after pictures until later this week :)!

On a completely other random note, I figured I should update about my graduation challenge....or lack there of.  With the last phase of my project being due today, finals right around the corner, and market starting I have had very little time to workout.  Plus when there was time, I was so tired from running around High Point all day that I was just plain to tired and lazy to go workout. Does helping unwrap and move 200 pieces of furniture count at all?? I know, I know, those are just excuses.  I'm letting myself fall back into my lazy ways, but I'll get back on track after market!  I had hit the 10 pound mark, but unfortunately I'm back to more like 8 pounds lost now.  That's still progress, but not nearly where I wanted to be at this point. I just need to make the time to go workout and not let tiredness be an excuse anymore.  This summer Cassie and I will be workout buddies, so I'm hoping that will keep me motivated.  I can do this, I just have to put in the effort!

Speaking of tired, I think I will head to bed now.  Seeing as how I started this blog post at 6:40 and it is now after 11pm.  My first day of real market begins tomorrow!  Time to bring in the money!!


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  1. I think helping unwrap and move 200 pieces of furniture counts!