Study Break aka Procrastination

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I should be studying for my final exam that I have to take tomorrow afternoon, but I can't seem to focus.  I presented my Senior Seminar project today and I am SOOOO very excited that I can't get my brain to understand that I still have one more exam to take before college is truly over.

Did I just say over?   Weird.

I felt such a great sense of pride today as I walked out of the presentation room.  That is the last project I'll have to present here at HPU.  Today is the last time I have to walk into Norton Hall to do any type of work.  Today I finished my interior design degree.  Can you say crazy/the most exciting day ever?!?

I honestly didn't think this day would come.  But I made it, and I can officially say I survived design school!   And since I am so eagerly looking for another procrastination method, I'll post some pictures from my senior seminar project for you to enjoy!

This is the building I was asked to design for my Senior Seminar project.  It sits downtown in High Point, NC in the center of the furniture market area.  It is 8 stories high with a basement below.  I was asked to propose a design that would allow this building to become the New School of Art & Design for High Point University.

 This is a view looking into the space that I made into a gallery for the New School of Art & Design (see below).  It had floor to ceiling windows, lots of natural light, but very little display space to begin.
This is a view of one of the floors higher up in the building that was unfinished.
My proposed design for the 2nd floor of this building.  This floor houses security offices, gaming studios, and graphic design studios.  There are also multi-use classrooms as well as a large locker room for students.
 My proposed design for the 3rd floor.  This is where you'll find the student lounge (see below) and photography classrooms.  There is one large darkroom as well as 6 individual darkrooms for students to use independently.
 My proposed design for the 5th floor.  This is where the Interior Design studios will be located, as well as two large critique rooms and two material resource rooms for students.
 Above is a rendering of what I would propose the lobby to look like for the New School of Art & Design.  I designed a custom fountain that sits under a large and beautiful crystal chandelier.  On either side there are large glass doors leading you into the gallery and retail space.
 A rendering of what I would propose the gallery look like.  Those are curved moveable wall systems that will allow for various art displays to be in the space.  They are covered in bold beautiful fabrics by Knoll that I am absolutely in love with!
A rendering of the student lounge.  All of the seating is moveable to allow students to work collaboratively and have a space to come to relax.  There is a large kitchen area in the back equipped with snacks, coffee machines, and a refrigerator for all of the late nights! The furniture is also covered in the same fabrics as seen in my gallery space to add a pop of color.
 Perspective of what the retail store would look like.  I chose to put in a 24-hour access store for students to buy and have access to all of their daily project needs.  No more late night Hobby Lobby runs!
And then lastly, this is an axonometric view (aka looking down into the space) of the first floor.  This allows you to see how the lobby, retail area, and gallery are laid out in the space.

While I am very glad that this project is over, I also really enjoyed getting to work on this type of space.  What you see above is only a small portion of my project, but I think they give the best insight into my design.  I can't believe my last project here at HPU is done.  Hope you enjoyed it!

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