Prayers for Daniel

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dorothy tagged me in this picture of her newest little boy, Daniel, the other day.

The caption read "It's these situations we deal with way too frequently that break our heart.  This is a no named child abandoned at the hospital, starving to death.  Mama Martha has found him a place at Dorothy's so he can gain some weight and strength.  Pray for him please." 

My heart broke instantly for this child.  I'm not sure how old he is, what his story consists of, or what his future looks like. All I can do is pray and prepare myself to love on this little boy if he makes it until we get there in May. 

 Dorothy updated again the other day saying: "Our pediatrician answered my email asking for info about Daniel: 'Daniel looks very ill.  This is currently called a wasting syndrome boy.  He has poor appetite, and a lot of edema on the legs. Maybe he has some underlying disease. I think it is better for him to be in the hospital.  Actually by luck he is admitted at Saint Damien's Hospital. I hope he will improve quickly."

This little boy so desperately needs all of the prayers we can give him.  Will you please join me in praying for sweet Daniel.  He got his name because they said he has already fought off lions.  Now lets pray he can fight through this!  

I loved these two prayers people posted on Dorothy's page for Daniel:

"God be his helper. Uphold him with your mighty right hand and surround him with your favor as with a shield. Sustain him with long life.  Let him live, not die, and declare the mighty works of the Lord.  In Jesus' name and by his stripes!"

"Lord you are mighty to heal and I know you created this little boy for a purpose. That you love him more than humanly possible, and that you will save him in whatever way through your wisdom you decide is best. Right now though, I ask that you hold him in your loving, strong, and gentle arms and give him peace and joy in You."

Please join us in praying for this sweet little boy!

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