As Promised...Picture Overload

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Earlier this week I showed you the before pictures of the showroom I helped setup this market.  Well, as promised, here are the after pictures.  I can't take credit for the furniture selection, placement, or fabric applications in the showroom, but I did help unwrap, position, accessorize, and light all of the areas.  Take a look:

 First view when you walk into the showroom.
 Around the corner from the main door.
 One of my favorite areas in the showroom. The Gemini sectional with some great new fabrics and bold colors.  Oh, and did I mention how much I LOVE the little round chairs called Le Pouf.  They are so fun and oh so comfortable!
 The first area in the showroom I helped setup.  Funny thing is I was just telling my aunt Missy that I wasn't sure denim was in right now.....clearly I was wrong.  Ha!
Lounge and bar setup in the front of the showroom. I love all of the colors used this market!
The Ava sofa.  My absolute favorite piece this market.  I love the clean lines and shape of this piece.  I've always wanted a beige sofa and I've fallen in love with this one!  There was another sectional in the back that was more plush and comfortable, but I just love the shape of this piece!

Debra did a great job selecting pieces and fabrics for this market.  I'm so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with such a great lady and get some hands-on experience with design.  It challenged and inspired me to push my abilities and not just go for the ordinary.  I love getting these opportunities and truly enjoyed this market more than any before.  I'm a little sad that it's the last market I'll work as a student, but I look forward to coming back hopefully as a buyer next year!

Thanks again to Debra Venti for allowing me to have the opportunity to work with her this market!  You are an incredible designer and woman!  Thanks for all you've done for me these last few markets!

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