The View From Here: Spring Cleaning

Sunday, April 29, 2012

While moving out is bittersweet this year, I absolutely love going through everything and cleaning out the things I don't need anymore.  For the last few hours I've been going through my closet, drawers, and supplies to de-clutter and cut out items I never use.  I've got the window open, fresh air coming in, some great music from my childhood playing, and stuff everywhere!!! However, I am done and feel 100% better!  The real packing process will begin tomorrow :)
 The basic necessity for any proper Spring cleaning.  Fresh air :)
 All of my design supplies/materials I don't need anymore.  I'll let Jessica shop before throwing them out.  Oh the perks of living with all upperclassmen! :)
The load of trash I was able to get rid of!

What's not seen (because I forgot to take a picture), is the tub of clothes I took downstairs to the donate pile.  I feel much more organized and clutter free now!!   

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