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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Two posts in one day....Try to contain your excitement!  Ha!

Any who...I thought I'd share a quick little update with you: I got a new desk!

I have been dying to have a real desk for sometime now.  For years I have had this little craft fold up table that "functioned" as a "desk."  My previous desk foldable table wasn't even three feet long and really limited my ability to use it in any way.  While it worked great for crafting, since I didn't have to worry about paint getting on it, I simply could not use it for anything else.  Not to mention I've been using this huge, clunky, green desk chair that I absolutely hated with that little table.

Yeah it was not a very good combination.

SO when the possibility to have an apartment (in my hopefully very near future) arose, I started looking for some key furniture pieces I would be needing.  That's when I came across this really beautiful desk at a great price! I simply could not turn the opportunity down.  So I emailed the owner, worked out an even better price, and got dad to go with me to pick it up!

The desk is absolutely perfect and exactly what I've been wanting!  The best part however, is when we arrived the owner gave me her previous desk chair for free!  It's a cute little red leather chair.  The red doesn't quite go with my current decor but it's WAAAY better than that ugly green chair so I took it! I loved the shape of it, and red will easily fit in with how I hope to decorate my apartment when that day comes.

Here take a look:

BEFORE: (I told you that chair was ugly!)


Isn't it pretty?!  The desk is a little large for my current room, but it'll be perfect when I get my own place!

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