Jute Creations

Sunday, October 14, 2012

After seeing multiple projects on Pinterest and other blogs I follow, I'm beginning to love jute crafts!  I've always loved adding organic touches to warm up a space, and this may become my go-to trick.  From what I've gathered a little jute, hot glue, fabric stiffener, and an object waiting to be wrapped is all you need!  I haven't tried creating anything yet, but a roll of jute is on my next list at the craft store!

Here are some of my favorite applications:
When I graduated from High Point, I went through the donate/trash pile outside our dorm and picked up a few fun shaped vases.  I had planned to paint them white, but I think at least one will become wrapped in jute now :)

How adorable are these???  Adding wooden letters is an easy, cheap, and fun way to add character to any space.  I've got a ton that I've used over the years just sitting unused now.  Usually I paint them to coordinate with my decor, but I'm definitely trying this!  Love, love, LOVE it (especially the little rosette detail)!!
How fun is this?  There are so many chandeliers with hideous or boring shade covers.  This is a cheap and fun way to add an organic touch and spruce up that old chandelier.

Yep, I think I'm gonna have to buy some jute!

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