Friday Free-For-All

Friday, October 5, 2012

I'm stealing this blog title/idea from a friend of a friend's blog I follow.  I love the freeness (not sure that's actually a word but we're going with it) of letting it all out on Friday.  No rules, no specific topics, just free to write whatever the heck I feel like.

As I laid awake twisting and turning for hours last night, I started to think of some things I could do to fill my days around the house.  I figured since I have this blog, and have been experiencing a little writers block lately, I'd try to come up with some quick probably cheesy daily blog ideas to keep the blog rolling and my readers semi-entertained!  So here's what I've come up with (did I mention they may be cheesy?):

Monday:  Not Me Monday
Tuesday:  Quick Tip Tuesdays
Wednesday:  Wishful Wednesdays
Thursday:  Thursday Thoughts
Friday:  Friday Free-For-All or Friday Five (it'll vary each week)
Saturday/Sunday:  Whatever I feel like writing, if anything :)

Not me Monday is another idea I stole from a different friend's blog.  I love the sarcasm and innocent  way of admitting embarrassing or hilarious facts about yourself.  After all it's not like they really happened ;-)

Quick Tip Tuesday is an idea I came up with last night.  I've been trying to think of a good way to share any design advice I have without having to do long drawn out posts.  I thought sharing a few quick tips each week would be a perfect way to do this and not require a lot of work on my part.

Wishful Wednesday is another idea I came up with last night.  Since Christmas is right around the corner, and I'm sure everyone in the family will be looking for my list soon, I thought this would be a cute and fun way to share my wish-list with everyone.  Now not every item I put on here may be practical, but it never hurts to dream a little :)!

And then finally, we come to Thursday Thoughts and Friday Free-For-All.  Both of these allow me to write whatever I so desire that day.  Anything and everything that may cross my mind on these days can be written about.  The Friday Five is a little blog series I've done before that consists of my listing five of whatever topic comes to mind that day.  In the past I've written about my five biggest weaknesses, five favorite childhood movies, etc.   Anything goes on Thursday and Friday!

Well, that's about it for today.

Oh, my second interview went well.  I should hear back next week sometime if I got the position.  Fingers crossed!

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