Megan Steele

Saturday, January 7, 2012

So I realized the other day, I never finished my blog posts about my best friends.  I was on a roll for a while, but I forgot about it, and never went back to finish.  So without further ado, let me finish telling you about my best friends.

Megan Steele and I met sophomore year during drafting week, just like the rest of my design friends.  That was truly a life-changing week for me.  Although it was difficult, it's where I made my true friends and where the majority of our good stories come from.  I had no idea that week that I'd be making friends for life, or how much they would come to mean to me in only a few short years.  Megan and I spent a lot of time together the next few months and became really good friends.  You see, we have the same work method and always ended up doing our all-nighters together.  We got really close because of that, and she has remained one of my best friends ever since.  Here are the things I love about Megan:

1. She is always up for a late night stay in Norton with me.
2. She has incredible rendering skills, especially her wood recipes.
3. She's my best procrastination buddy.
4. She can't BS Jesus.
5. She is always up for sharing a drafting or CAD table with me (usually while not doing work).
6. She can walk in stilettos better than anyone I know.
7. Her hair and makeup is always done perfectly, even after pulling an all-nighter.
8. She is always dressed to the T.
9. She can say "so sick" in about 20 accents and volumes.
10. She is a perfectionist to her core.
11. She will redo a floor plan because she wrote carport 'ugly'.
12. Her dad looks like the Prince of Egypt.
13. Her car's name is Brody.
14. She is a tan goddess, always 10 shades darker than me.
15. She started and understands the quote "you're gonna be a momma."
16. She's moving to Florida, so I always have an excuse to go visit the warm state.
17. She will make a Diner run with me anytime.
18. She is our 5th roommate in room 409.
19. She loves and appreciates my cooking/sweet tea making skills more than anyone.
20. I will be adopting her baby if it comes out as a ginger.
21. She will wait until 8pm and run across campus barefoot with me and Meghan to get steakhouse.
22. She makes the best sounds while working (I'd spell them if I could figure out how).
23. She's oddly terrified of whales.
24. She loves zebra print and anything with crystals.
25. She loves making boards as much as I do.

Sorry your post came so late Megan!  But I love you and I'm so happy to call you my friend.  Thank you for all you do for me and always being there! There have been so many nights that I could not have made it through without you! You're the best, and I will miss you SO much when you move to Florida, but I promise to stay in touch and come see you at least once a year! Love you love bug!

And Happy Birthday! Sorry I'm not there to celebrate with you, but we will celebrate when I get back!!! Love youuu!!!!

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