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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Recently the traffic on my blog has picked up quite a bit.  Thank you so much! I love knowing people out there are reading and enjoying the stuff I write.  Please keep reading, and suggest my page to others! To make things a little easier on the blog, I installed a new commenting system.  Before, you had to register and go through all these hoops just to leave me a comment.  It was frustrating, I know, and I'm sorry, but thanks for the comments you did leave!  Now, all you have to do is hit comment and write it out, just as you would on facebook!  There is also a like/dislike button you can click for each blog post, which will give me great feedback on your favorite posts and what I should write more about!  This will also make it much easier for me to respond to your comments quickly and keep everything organized!  I'm hoping this will make it so easy for you that you have no excuse not to comment!  I love to read your feedback, but more importantly I need your feedback!!!  Please comment or at least vote on if you like the post or not, it only takes a second.

***Correction:  You have to enter your email address on the new commenting system.  That is still easier than signing up, signing in, doing a word verification, and submitting.  At least it's down to one step.  Sorry about that!***

On another note, I realized the other day I am almost up to 6,500 blog views!  Wow! Thank you so much, I was at 5,000 not long ago.  I'm considering doing some type of giveaway for my 10,000 view mark.  I haven't decided what it's going to be yet, but I'll let you know!  That'll make you keep reading :)!  But seriously, I'm highly considering some type of giveaway.  Any ideas?? Leave me a comment!

Happy Wednesday!

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3 Responses to “Check it out!”

  1. So, if I'm number 10,000, does that mean you'll paint my bedroom? Ha Love your blog! Helps me keep up with you. Love you!! ~Dee

  2. haha we'll see!  It'll probably be an item I give away. There will probably be some type of requirement to get qualified for the giveaway and then the winner will be chosen at random.  I haven't figured out details yet. 

  3. amazon gift cards would make for a good giveway---appeals to both genders and who doesnt love amazon!