Meet Dorothy's Kids

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I meant to make this post when I got back from Haiti, but better late than never right?  Dorothy has 27 kids living with her right now and I made it a point to learn all of their names as fast as I could.  Knowing their names not only helped keep control, but it also made them feel special that a guest knew their name.  I remembered some of them from my last trip and when I called them by their name their faces lit up. It is such a simple thing to learn someone's name but an important one nonetheless.  To help me not forget their names, and help you learn these beautiful kids by their names, let me introduce you to Dorothy's kids:

 Mackendy aka Mackenzie.
 MayLove (pronounced MyLove)
 Richardson aka Sha Sha.
 Son Son.

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One Response to “Meet Dorothy's Kids”

  1. Love the pictures. They are so cute.  Glad you had a great time. Cant wait to see more pictures.