Video of the day: Driving in Haiti

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Here's one more video we took in Haiti.  As you'll see below, driving in Haiti was definitely an experience.  The roads were less than smooth (even the paved ones), their driving laws were not enforced, and people drove when and where they pleased.  I considered driving in Haiti a bit like a roller coaster.  Not only do you get the ups, downs, and shaking you'd expect on a roller coaster, but you never know what's around the next corner.  This video is a clip of a very easy intersection to drive through.  We went through one area while sight-seeing where we had to inch our way through the crowds of people while combating other cars.  On our way to the airport the last day we were at a four-way intersection and needed to cross four "lanes" of traffic to go straight while everyone else was trying to go in every other direction.  We got stuck in the middle and my life flashed before me a couple of times. I learned it was best to just take a deep breath and trust Samuel, our driver.  He asked me one day if his driving made me nervous and I had to explain that while I trusted him, I was very unsure of the other drivers on the road.  I knew he had control of the car, but I was not so sure how good the people around us could drive.  It was a lot of fun and a bit scary at times.  The back roads were always sure to impress with their large bumps, dips, and hills.  Here take a look at an intersection on a paved road:

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Did it make you nervous? I told you it was an adventure! And that was an easy intersection!  It's definitely an experience everyone should go through.  

Happy Monday!

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