In need of your prayers!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Yesterday was a fairly quiet day around here.  We played with the kids, ran some errands, and took a nice afternoon nap.  It wasn't until after we woke up that our day became interesting.  At some point during our nap, the Mayor of Port au Prince came by Dorothy's house and wrote "8 days to demolition" on her outside wall.  You see, Dorothy's house sticks out a little further into the street and the Mayor does not like that.  He wants to tear it down, along with the other protruding houses, to widen the road.  This was an issue last time I visited, but the homeowner was able to have it delayed for a while.  Dorothy was under the impression that things were still clear, but apparently the Mayor has other thoughts.  If they decide to tear it down, they will not only take her gate but go straight through her living room and part of the dining room as well as some of the outside space.  This would pose a HUGE safety and security risk for her and the kids.  There is no telling how this house is built and what would happen structurally if they took part of it down.  This means that Dorothy either has to find a new place to live or hope the homeowner can get things pushed off again.  This is a very unsettling and scary time for Dorothy.  These kids are in her care and she wants to provide them with the best possible environment she can.  However, she has got the most amazing faith.  She knows God did not put her here and bring the kids to her to be destroyed by the removal of part of her house.  She is trusting that God will show her the way and if a move is in His plans, she is ready and willing.  Will you please join me and Cassie in our prayers for her.  Pray that God will provide another home in a nice neighborhood that she can afford and will fit her needs for the children.  Will you please pray that she would have peace of mind during this time.  Please pray that the homeowner can at least have the demolition delayed long enough to allow Dorothy to find another place to live and time to pack.  Pray for their safety and that they will find a place soon.  I know Dorothy is worried, and could use all the prayers she can get!  Please pass this along to anyone you know and ask them to uplift Dorothy during this time.  She needs to find a new house soon so she can get settled without the worry of having her house torn down.  If you'd like to make a donation to help her out you can go to her blog and there are directions on how to make a donation on the right side of that page under finances.  Please keep her in your prayers!

I also have a couple of personal prayer requests.  Our time here in Haiti is coming to an end.  Will you please keep Cassie and I in your prayers.  Pray for our safe and timely travels, for the strength to say goodbye, and for the rest of our time here.  I know saying goodbye will be hard and we can always use prayers when it comes to flying.    I also got an interview lined up with a design firm in Winston Salem on Friday.  Will you please pray for me as I go through that process.  Pray that God's will will be done and that I will have the right words to say.  This could be an amazing opportunity for me, and a job after graduation.  I ask that you would please keep me in your prayers.

Other than that, everything is going well here.  We are making pizzas with the kids tonight and going to Epidor tomorrow.  Our day tomorrow will be filled with lots of packing and loving on the kids.  See you on Tuesday!

This one's for you mom!

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