Final Days

Friday, January 6, 2012

Hello from Haiti again!  Our days here are coming to an end. Even though I am looking forward to coming home, goodbyes will not be easy.  The kids start back school on Monday so we are going to have to wake up extra early to say goodbye to them on Tuesday morning, but I can't leave without saying goodbye.  The past few days here have been pretty jam packed.  Dorothy and Samuel took us souvenir shopping the other day and took us to this street area that is lined with paintings up and down all directions.  It was a bit overwhelming deciding which ones to buy but we both got some really beautiful paintings.  The sellers all have their area and while they are respectful of each others space, as soon as you enter theirs they want your full attention and offer the "best" prices and want you to see EVERY painting.  Dorothy stopped a few of them to explain that American's like to shop without being harassed haha we love her.  We went back today to get a few more, because we love the other ones we got so much and had to have more.  One of the teams that came last week also gave Dorothy a donation to buy toys for the kids, so she bought 4 tricycles and 2 new big bikes for the kids.  They were all so very excited, they LOVE to ride their bikes.  We had to put the tricycles together which was a challenge, but it was definitely worth it.  The kids fight over the bikes like crazy, she needs about 10 more to allow each child to have one to ride.  Simple joys of life here!  We've also made a few trips to the grocery store and done a little bit more sight-seeing.  We went by the hospital today to drop off the rent which was an experience.  It was small and crowded.  They have an outdoor section to treat Cholera patients.  It was not like our hospitals to say the least, but interesting to see.  Tonight we surprised the kids with making pizzas.  We brought 8 of the older kids up and let them make and eat their own pizzas.  They all get so excited when they get to do special things upstairs with us.  It's so sweet to see their little faces light up.  They don't get those experiences often and will only get them if we make the time to do a little spoiling.  And hey, who doesn't love to spoil adorable kids!  Other than that our days have been spent loving on the kids and helping around the house.  We try to make things a little easier for Dorothy and the Staff while we're here. Our last few days here will be spent enjoying our time with the kids, going to church, maybe doing another pizza night with some of the other kids, seeing the kids off to school, and enjoying Haitian life!  It's been a lot of fun!

We had another rat adventure the other night.  Katie, one of the girls that lives up here, and her friend Katelyn came over for dinner and all of a sudden we see Nala going after a rat on the window.  Katie, being braver than all of us, goes and knocks it down for Nala to catch.  It was gross, but I was glad to know it was dead before we went to bed!  I think Katelyn was shocked seeing that her first night here in Haiti!  Haha welcome to Haiti!  We have also had an ongoing battle with mosquitoes.  It does not matter how much we use bug spray we get at least one new bite a day!  I think we've only managed to kill about 4 of them.  They are sneaky little creatures. Thank God for Malaria pills!

Well I'm going to call it a night.  See you on Tuesday! I'll try to update once more before we leave!  Goodnight!

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