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Monday, July 16, 2012

It's been so long since my last update that I feel the need to fill you in on the little random things going on in my not so interesting life.  However, every time I go to write this post all I feel like I have to say is so blah and unimportant.

Nonetheless, for all of you faithful readers who like to keep up with me, this is for you!

Right now I am constantly searching, praying, searching, and praying about jobs.  I feel like that's what my brain revolves around 24/7.  I've applied to every job I can find that I'm qualified or close to qualified for.  I'm up to around 80 jobs applied for now and am beginning to feel pretty defeated.  Did I really go to college for four years to not find a job in my major?  I just need one job.  One employer who is willing to invest in my career.  One employer that is willing to take an applicant that wants to relocate.  One employer to call me back and offer an interview.  Just one.

On another note, for a more fun fact here are my two most recently found obsessions: & the Ball & Chain Accessory Auction.  I've seen so many commercials recently for ShoeDazzle but I didn't think much about it until I signed up and got my first hand picked shoe collection.  They have some of the cutest shoes I have ever seen and they're only $39.95 with free shipping! It's next to unheard of to get good quality shoes for that price.  I currently have two pairs on their way to my closet and I cannot wait to get them!  Once I see how they fit and feel, I'll let you know if this obsession is worth it!

Beautiful right?  

And then there is the Ball & Chain Accessory Auction.  Oh. My. Goodness.  How I love this shop!  It is the most unique and amazing shopping experience ever.  Every Tuesday at 8pm they list around 20 pieces of jewelry/accessories with the retail price.  Then basing your bid off of the retail price you get to  name your own price on the pieces.  If they accept your bid you get an invoice immediately and the pieces are shipped out shortly after.  Oh and did I mention they give free shipping too?? Amazing! So far I have gotten this wonderful orange chain link necklace for $15 ($30 retail) and a gorgeous coral bib necklace for $5 (retails over $20).  They are both gorgeous, great quality, and simply wonderful. I love this site and look forward to Tuesday nights every week.  Now I'm probably going to regret sending you to their site because that's more competition when it comes to bidding.....but you've got to check it out!!  I'm obsessed!

Ok well that's all you get tonight folks.  Thanks for being such loyal followers, even when my blog posts are nothing special!

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