Afraid of Color?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Don't be!

Color is a great way to add a little interest to a space and freshen it up.  Over the last few months I have challenged myself to experiment with bold colors both in design  and in my wardrobe.  As a design student I always believed that a designer's clothes were a direct reflection of their design ability.  If a designer can't match colors, textures, and patterns in their outfits then there is no way they can do it in a space. I also know from my personal experience, how I dress is a direct reflection of my design style.  I typically go for classic pieces with unique accents.  As I challenge myself in design with bolder colors, I have tried to reflect that challenge in my wardrobe.  I've added some great bold jewelry pieces, shoes, and colorful items to my closet.  I try to push myself to try new styles, patterns, and colors each day.  Right now these are some of my favorite color trends in design and style.

Turquoise & Yellow:

Outfit from J's Everyday Fashion (it's a great blog if you aren't following it yet!)

Kelly Green & Yellow:

Orange & Turquoise:

What are your thoughts on color?  Are you afraid to try bold colors?  What's your favorite color combination?

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