Auction Time!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

That's right folks, it's Tuesday!! You know what that means?? I'll be heading to the Ball & Chain Accessory Auction on facebook here in 5 minutes to get my bid on!  You really should check them out, they've got some beautiful pieces up for sale tonight.

Right now I've got my eye on these beauties:

And those are just the pieces they've previewed so far.  I'm sure more amazing jewelry is to come!!

Because of this new found obsession, I am beginning to need more jewelry storage.  I created this little jewelry holder that hangs under my mirror on the wall while I was in college, but it is overflowing and unable to take anymore pieces.  My problem is that while I LOVE jewelry trees, they never have a place to put your earrings or rings.  My holder at the moment doesn't hold rings but it does house all of my earrings.  And while I also like some of the earring holders, they don't hold necklaces.  Soo...I've been trying to come up with an alternative.  On the Thrifty & Chic blog I follow the lady created this beautiful jewelry display (see below). While I would love to recreate it, I simply do not have the space in my room right now. 

(Oh did I mention the Thrifty & Chic blog is what started my Ball & Chain addiction? Yeah this lady's stuff is going to get me in trouble, but it's so beautiful I can't help myself!) 

These are some other options I'm considering.  I want something that is artistic, will house my jewelry, and still looks beautiful when displayed.

I'm not in love with any of these options but I'm trying to come up with something.  I love how on the Thrifty & Chic site she used everyday objects like vases, crown molding pieces, etc to display her jewelry.  The best part is that they're not over crowded so it looks clean and beautiful (two basic necessities in my life).  I need to come up with something similar.

How do you display all of your jewelry?  

Well I'm off to go do some bidding! Go check them out!!!

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2 Responses to “Auction Time!”

  1. Allyson- meant to tell you, BED, BATH, AND BEYOND has the jewelry trees with bowl holders on the bottom!! haha I saw them and thought you would be so excited to know you can find one there...

  2. Oh nice!! I'll have to check them out!