Welcome Home!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A few weeks ago I saw a little news clip about President Obama ending the war in Iraq and that all troops would be home by Christmas.  I wasn't sure if it was true or not, so I asked some of my very "up-to-date-on-politics" friends and they all thought it was just a rumor. I'm happy that they were all wrong.  Cassie texted me this morning that President Obama's speech today at Fort Bragg marked the official end of the war in Iraq!!!!! While I support our troops and completely believe in our mission there, I think our time in Iraq is done.  We got the people that attacked us or were a large threat, so our job is complete and successful.  I'm so very excited to hear this news.  It has been 9 long, successful, and difficult years in Iraq and it thrills me to know the troops are coming home!  The best part is that they will all get to be here with their families for Christmas!!

Christmas miracles do happen!

I can only imagine the joy the troops and their families must be feeling right now.  They have all got to be filled with pride, excitement, honor, and pure happiness.  Reunions of soldiers and their families are such a heart-warming thing to watch.  The fact that it's almost Christmas makes it that much better.

So to all the soldiers, Thank you!  Thank you for your bravery, commitment, honor, sacrifice, patriotism, and strength.  Thank you for serving our Country in our time of need to protect those you love.   Thank you for being brave enough to risk your life for our freedom.  Thank you all for your service these last 9 years, the years before, and all the years to come.  Your dedication and efforts do not go unnoticed.  I am so proud to call myself an American. To live in a Country like ours is truly a blessing.  I cannot express my gratitude for your service enough.  I hope all the soldiers coming home have the Merriest Christmas ever.  Hug your loved ones, hold your kids tight, kiss your wife, and make the most of this Holiday season.  Thank you and welcome home!!!

To their families, Thank you! I never fully understood how difficult it must be for military families until a few weeks ago. I know it's hard to say goodbye to your loved ones, but thank you for supporting, loving, and believing in them.  I know from talking to my friends in the service, that their family's support means the world to them and is what gets them through each day.  Thank you for standing beside them, uplifting, supporting, and loving them.  Thank you for your bravery, strength, and sacrifice.  I can only imagine the joy you must be feeling right now.  Go hug your soldier, shower them with love, and enjoy every single moment with them. Laugh together, support one another, do your favorite things together, and above all love one another.  I hope you all enjoy this Christmas season together.

Thank you and welcome home!!  

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