Spring Cleaning Round 2

Saturday, May 12, 2012

First off let me say that last night was a success!! We raised $300 which covered the last portion Cassie needed for her trip!  We were both excited to have that finished, and still have some extra to take with us to give to Dorothy!  Thank you so much to everyone who came out last night to support our trip, and thank you to everyone who has donated over the last few weeks!!  You all pulled through again and have blessed us beyond belief!

As for the spring cleaning, round two is about to begin around here.  You see I've become somewhat of a neat freak in the last few years.  I'm not sure exactly what got me to this point, but it's become an obsession.  I find myself getting anxious and uneasy when things are not clean and organized. I also love how I feel after it's done.  Organizing/cleaning is a very therapeutic activity for me and oh so rewarding; hince the round two of cleaning.  I did my first round in my college dorm, where I donated a lot of clothes, cleaned out unnecessary items, and then did some quick spot cleaning.  I already keep my room pretty clean and organized so it doesn't take much even on my "big" cleaning days. At home however, things are not quite kept to my standards. I told mom this would be the hardest thing about moving home and that she should expect some organizing projects to be in her very near future.  Areas that I don't see or deal with everyday like their bedroom or the office, don't bother me as much.  It's the main areas like the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room that are screaming my name!  I got my room all set up within the first 48 hours of being home. I can't sleep well when all of my stuff is in boxes scattered about throughout the house.  Then I organized my bathroom cabinets, the fridge, and the freezer.  On today's list is getting all of my stuff from the apartment that doesn't go in my bedroom, stored neatly upstairs in a designated spot for myself.  Then I'll be doing some vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and possibly organizing the laundry room.  I only have a few items left to do in my room, like hook my TV up and find a place for my jewelry so I intend to do that today as well.  I'd love to get around to organizing mom's closet, but that may have to wait until tomorrow! Let the cleaning begin!

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2 Responses to “Spring Cleaning Round 2”

  1. I just wish this neat freak stage would have set in A LOT earlier...like when we shared a room and you couldn't have cared less about things being clean. I guess I finally rubbed off on you...just a few years too late. :)

  2. Tomorrow is a date on my closet!  I'm ready!!!!  Having you home will be good for me!  With just Dad I fall into his "slackness"so this will be good!  Plus it's always more fun with someone!!