Haiti Day Five

Friday, May 25, 2012

It has been a very exciting day around here!  We all woke up early to greet the physical therapist from Johns Hopkins that came to teach the ladies some basic tips.  I think they all really enjoyed it and got a lot of good information on how to care for sprains, injuries, and how to work with Son Son to get him walking.  It was encouraging to see the ladies actively trying out the techniques with him in the afternoon.  Son Son will be walking in no time with the help he gave!  I know we all learned a lot from his class today as well.

The most exciting part of today was when the newest baby arrived.  She is nine months old, a little malnourished, but absolutely beautiful!! Her name is Lovena and I think she is going to do great here.  We all took turns loving on her, and decided her smile is so contagious.  She had been living with her Grandmother and not receiving proper nutrition.  Kez brought her to Dorothy to get her strong and healthy before returning her to the grandmother. She precious I tell ya!! Precious!  Lovena will go for blood tests soon, and we are praying she doesn't have anything serious.

We also got to spend a lot more time with the kids today and love on them all.  I am absolutely in love with Johnny and Biguerson. Their smiles, laughs, hugs, and tons of kisses will make anyone smile.  They get so excited to see us everytime we come outside.  The best part however is that they always make sure to come to our room to give us hugs and kisses when they get home from school.  I just can't even tell you how much I love these kids!

We also did our first pizza night with the younger kids today.  Since Dorothy will not be here tomorrow for dinner we decided to do it with the older ones tomorrow so Sha Sha can help us translate.  The little ones were so excited, but the older kids cried their eyes out when they couldn't come upstairs.  It breaks my heart and I just wish I could make them understand that they will get their turn tomorrow night.  Either way watching their little faces light up when they saw pizza on the table made it all better.

Tomorrow we're on our own, and may possibly have a team from Georgia stop by to play with the kids.  We will get to play hostess for the day. Please pray that we can keep city power.  The heat is taking it's toll, and when we don't have fans the days become very long and difficult.

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