Challenged by Words: Haiti day Two

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's been another good day here in Haiti! We got up early, ready to play with the kids, and then remembered that almost all of them were at school.  Oops!  We were all pretty tired so we stayed inside, loved on the babies, and made a birthday sign for Rosa.  Dorothy has two new twin girls, Sephora and Fadaphora, here now that are about 11 weeks old and absolutely adorable!! It's hard to not love holding a baby! They are both simply precious!  We also spent some time organizing various areas for Dorothy today, and sketching a mural on the wall outside for the kids that we hope to paint later this week.  Another team painted a small mural of a jungle and we got inspired.  Ours will not be nearly as impressive, but I think the kids will like it nonetheless.

At dinner tonight I found myself challenged by a few words.  We were talking about other missionaries working in Haiti, and where I thought I could see myself working here if I did make the move.  I expressed my thoughts to Dorothy about the whole situation, my concerns and confusions, and she simply replied with "Haiti is not the end all, planes fly both ways."  One of my biggest concerns with moving here has been about not enjoying it when I got here.  While I obviously know that planes will go both ways, it was comforting to hear that it is always an option to go back home.  I am not tied to a specific time frame and I can come and go as a please.  And if it turns out this is not the place for me, home is only a short flight away.

Also, while her and Katie talked about another missionary she said "Just because there is a need, does not mean God is calling you there.  A calling and a need are two separate things."  That also hit home with me tonight.  Am I called by God to be here or do I feel this push because I have seen and understand first hand the need that is here?

These are both things I have to think about and truly dig deeper to understand before I make my decision. I could use your prayers.

I am looking forward to the rest of the week.  We hope to paint the mural, spend lots more time with the kids, do some souvenir shopping, and we've even worked in a trip to the beach!  We are excited and ready to see what all God has planned for us in this trip!  I do really love it here.

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One Response to “Challenged by Words: Haiti day Two”

  1. Hmmm - - excellent words to consider:  A Calling vs.  A Heart for the Need  . . .
    I will be praying that God clears that up for you!