Haiti Day Nine: Quick Update

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I'm really tired tonight and the power keeps going out so tonight's update will have to be quick.  We got to do some souvenir shopping today and I got some really beautiful paintings, artwork, and jewelry.  The apparent project was amazing and I wish I had brought more money to buy more things.  The sunburn is quite painful today and being out in the sun was not fun at all.  By the time we walked to the Apparent Project I was feeling quite nauseas and overheated.  Sunburn is not fun at all here. We spent the afternoon napping and trying to cool off while praying for power.  We finished the outside mural tonight.  The kids were excited about it this morning, so they will only love it more tomorrow!  Right now we have city power and we just keep praying it will stay on long enough to charge the inverter so we can have power all night.  We drained the batteries on the inverter this morning so we need city power for a few hours to recharge it.  Please pray that the power will stay on.  It's about my only relief from this sunburn and heat.  I'm going to enjoy the cold shower tonight and head to bed.  Tomorrow is our last day, and then home on Thursday!

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