Not Me Monday

Monday, February 20, 2012

I did not throw myself a little inner dance party when Cassie said I looked like I had lost weight this weekend.  I would not be so childish to respond with dancing.  I always respond with a reserved and polite thank you when I receive a compliment.

And, I most certainly did not give into my cravings yesterday and eat a piece of my favorite cake after enjoying a bowl of macaroni and cheese.  I would never break my diet so soon.  Nor would I give into both temptations at once. Especially not after receiving a compliment two days before.  That would just be pathetic.

And, I also did not swim extra laps today at the pool because I didn't break my diet and skip my work out yesterday.  I've stayed right on track every day with my dieting and workout. I would never have to plan in extra time at the gym to make up for the day before. That would just be lazy.

And, I did not not take the elevator today because I was too lazy to walk up four flights of stairs after class.  And I absolutely did not force myself to take the stairs after the pool, because I felt guilty for skipping them before.  I always take the stairs.  I would never take the elevator.

And at the end of the day I don't feel an extreme pride in myself for sticking to my goal.  I have always worked out and never been lazy before.  This routine is not new at all for me.

Nope.  Not me.

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2 Responses to “Not Me Monday”

  1. Just remember, Baby Girl, it is a process!  And you DO look like you've lost weight!  I'm proud of you!  Now if only I could get motivated!  :o)

  2. This cracked me up...And Way To Go, You can do it.  Keep up the good work!