Design Inspiration: Make your Bed

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The other day, my roommates pointed out that they can tell how my morning goes by how my bed looks after I leave.  If things went smoothly my bed will be perfectly made.  If I'm rushing out, or late to class my bed will be left unmade.  I found this quite entertaining because lately I've gotten into the habit of making my bed every day. It has come to the point that it drives me crazy to not have my bed made.  I'm not quite sure what started it, but I have to make my bed every day.  If it doesn't happen first thing when I wake up, it will be done as soon as I return from class.  I've realized that having your bed made makes the room look crisp and clean.  You can have a spotless room but if the bed is unmade it still looks messy.  So needless to say, I think it's important to make your bed each day.  It adds the finishing touch to your space, and for me it keeps life organized.  

Here take a look, which do you think looks better?


Or these:

Come on, you have to agree the rooms with made beds look 1000x better!

On another note, I also think it is very important to accessorize your bed with the appropriate bed pillows.  Two basic pillows simply do not finish the look.  Throw some decorative pillows into the mix. Add some color, texture, and interest with such a simple change.

 Of course I love this one for the colors, but the patterns are amazing!  Don't be afraid to mix patterns as long as the colors coordinate. Try different size pillows in varying shapes for added interest.
 Here are four options of how to arrange pillows.  While I don't particularly love the top left one, it may work for you.  I would recommend the other three!
 Coordinate your colors with solid and printed fabrics.

 This one has a ton of pillows but I love it! If your fabrics coordinate and you vary the shapes you can pull the look off.  If you're new to accent pillows this may be a bit much or too advanced, stick with a more simple set up.
I love love LOVE a bolster pillow!  Throw one in with your solid fabrics for a pop of color and added interest!

You can even pull this look off in your kid's rooms!  Don't be afraid to accessorize their room too.  Kids love colors and prints.  Stick with smaller prints that can grow into new rooms with them.  It's also never too early to teach them to make their beds!

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