Nontraditional Celebration

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

As you all know, (and if you don't then simply sign on to Facebook), today is Valentines day.  Oh the dreaded day people either love or hate.  So much pressure is put on guys to buy flowers, candy, etc to impress their lady.  At the same time you've got girls swooning over their gifts or crying in the corner because they have no Valentine. It's actually kind of sad.  Some girls who have dates but don't get a gift, pretend the day doesn't matter even though we all know she's secretly ticked.  Or you've got the girls who post their gifts onto the web for all to see and brag.  There are a few girls who are genuinely surprised when they receive a gift and are truly appreciative, but not many.  Most girls simply want an excuse to brag about their boyfriend and get flowers.  Yes, I'm guilty of wanting flowers sent to me, but I realized today how overrated the whole thing is.  We walked into the UC this morning and the concierge desk was COVERED in flower arrangements.  If the balloons didn't say I love you, you would have thought you were at a funeral home.  As much as I love having flowers sent to me, when everyone else is getting them too it's not as special.  I want to get flowers on the unexpected days when my boyfriend wants to show his love, not when he's told he "has" to send them.  Kind of cheesy if you ask me. While I wouldn't turn down a valentines day gift, I would still prefer to have a guy express his love for me in a more unique way.  I know this day is to celebrate love, but shouldn't that be celebrated every day, not just once a year?  I'm just saying!

So I spent my Valentines day in an nontraditional manner.  My day started with classes and a test, but I enjoyed my afternoon with a trip to the gym, shower, and a return to class.  I had dinner with a friend, Jessica Deen, at McAlister's (we're fancy I tell you!), and then we watched one of our favorite shows together.  I finished off my night hanging out with my roommates, laughing until my cheeks hurt, and enjoying being single on Valentines day!  While I didn't necessarily mesh with the norms surrounding valentine's day, it turned out to be pretty great.  I mean hey I had a hot date, a good meal, lots of laughs, a comfy bed to crawl in tonight, and best part: there were no strings attached!  I'd call it a great day!

Hope your Valentines day was as fun as mine :)

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2 Responses to “Nontraditional Celebration”

  1. I totally get you on the whole bring me flowers when it's not expected thing! I once told Jeremiah that if he brought me flowers on vday then I'd get mad at him, ha =) I love focusing on being able to show love to those in my life...more fun anyway. Happy Valentine's Day Allyson!

  2. I'm with you--all the Facebook ranting makes the whole thing seem less sincere.  I'm glad you had a happy Valentine's Day!!