Loving the pool

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yesterday was the first time I've gone to swim laps in probably over a year.  Lucky for us, we have a great indoor pool on campus built for swimming laps that we can use year-round.  I've been wanting to go, but kept using the excuse that I didn't want to go alone as a way to put it off.  So yesterday when Meredith mentioned wanting to go swimming I jumped on the opportunity.  We did have to go buy me a different tankini top for my bathing suit, seeing as how my current one is strapless, and a pair of goggles before we could go though.  It was a little expensive, but I told her and myself that we'd go enough times to make the cost worth it.  We figured the goggles were $13 so we had to swim at least 13 times this semester.  Haha I actually enjoyed it so much that I think we'll end up going way more than that.  Also lucky for me, Meredith has swam her entire life.  I know how to swim freestyle but that's about it.  She was able to show me some new strokes and tools to use in the pool for different exercises which will help a lot.

My favorite was probably the back stroke, and while I'm working on the breast stroke my legs seem to have a mind of their own.  She also showed me these cool things you put on your hands while swimming for strengthening exercises.  I did around 20-30 laps yesterday (I didn't keep a close count), and I can definitely feel it in my arms today!  I kind of like being sore though because it shows me I've done something and it's working.  As much as I like using the elliptical, swimming added a new and fun twist to exercising.  I had forgotten how much fun it was, and it's such a great workout!  Hopefully in a few weeks I'll be more efficient at these different strokes and my stamina will increase.  I had hoped to go swimming today but I couldn't fit it in with my class schedule.  Instead I plan to go to the gym after my last class today before hitting the road.

I'm going home for the weekend, which will also add a twist to my exercising routine.  We used to be members at a gym, but I think it ended.  Instead I think I'll either go up to Northern (my high school) and run on the track, or run through a neighborhood by our house with Coconut.  I think hims would enjoy that!  Or maybe Erin's gym will let a visitor come for free with her?  I'm not sure yet, but I'll figure something out.  Well that's all for now, I've got to head to class here in a few minutes, I just wanted to give a little update.

I plan to be back in the pool Monday afternoon, and I think more people are going to come with us this time!  Maybe everyone (including me) just needed a little push to get things started.

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One Response to “Loving the pool”

  1. We should definitely go to the pool together. I haven't been since last year, but I am also a stellar swimmer. So I can probably show you even more stuff, and help you with that breast stroke!