The View from Here

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'm copying this idea from a friend's blog.  I love the idea of giving a quick little snapshot of your day.

Yes people, that's a microwave and we are very excited about it.  When we moved in there was no microwave over the stove.  They said one would arrive within a few weeks and never did.  We contacted HPU three times about this issue and finally today it arrives!  Yes we only have a few months left but I cannot tell you how excited we are!  I'm glad we'll finally have ventilation for when we're cooking, but I'm most excited about not having to stare at the hideous bracket on the wall anymore.  Simple pleasures I tell you. Simple pleasures.

On another note, this is the view from my window today.  It is 65 degrees and gorgeous outside.  Bright blue sky with a few clouds and the wonderful fountain we all enjoy so much.  Please also notice that the window is open.  It may be February but when it's this nice out, I can't help but to open up the windows!

What a beautiful and wonderful day!
Happy Thursday (Friday for me)!  Cassie comes tomorrow!

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2 Responses to “The View from Here”

  1. I love pictures like this because I feel closer to you!  I love you -