Friday Five: Favorite Blogs

Friday, September 2, 2011

Being a blogger myself, I have grown an appreciation for all the other bloggers out there.  I have specific ones that I follow on a daily basis.  So for all you blog readers/lovers out there check out my top 5 favorite blogs:

5. The Sweet Tooth. This is the blog of my sister's good friend Kelly.  She makes some beautiful and delicious cakes and she shares all about them on her blog.  She also has some great and highly entertaining stories of her life she shares too.

4. The Johnson Scoop.  This is the blog of our former Children's Pastor's wife Michaella Johnson.  She blogs all about her adorable girls, and things going on with her family/life.  She is also a great photographer and I love looking at all the great moments she captures.

3. Nancy Ray Photography. This is the blog of the photographer from Erin's wedding.  As the wedding planning began, Erin got me hooked on her blog.  She is absolutely one of my favorite photographers EVER! Her work is amazing and I love the creativity she brings to her shoots.  I can sit for hours looking through her work.  I'm following her blog even closer right now because Erin's wedding pictures should be posted any week now! I'll keep you posted!

2. Teaching to Learn.  This is my wonderful sister's blog.  Clearly I have to read her blog, but it is actually one of my favorites.  Being back at school, and her being married now, reading her blog lets me feel like I still get the inside scoop of her life.  She blogs about all sorts of things, work, funny students, marriage, friends, life, etc.  I enjoy not knowing what the next post will be.  She definitely keeps things fresh.  And, being a teacher, she has a knack for writing. 

1. The Hambrick Family. This is the blog of Jenn Hambrick, our college pastor's wife.  She blogs all about her adorable kids, the funny things they say/do, and does a lot of really great photography work.  Having babysat her kids for years now, I love reading all the crazy things they do.  My favorite thing about her blog is her honesty.  She shares what's going on that day, the good, bad, and everything in between. It's heartfelt and real.  Absolutely always guaranteed to be a good read. 

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5 Responses to “Friday Five: Favorite Blogs”

  1. So, I guess I need to step it up to get into your top 5!

  2. lol you don't update very often

  3. Yay! Top 5 - thanks :)Most of the time I feel like no one reads it ;) Can't wait to hear about your design project this year. Can't believe you're a senior!!

  4. haha yeah i love your blog! I feel like that too though with mine! Projects are pretty crazy this year, i'll update more on them once we get more into the semester!

  5. Thanks =) I love reading yours too you know...even if I am a terrible commenter!