Friday Five: Color Schemes

Friday, September 9, 2011

Being a design major, I clearly have a love for everything design.  My favorite part however, is picking out the color scheme for a space.  With out color, everything is plain, boring, and lifeless.  Without color, all you have is texture and patterns.  Now don't get me wrong, texture and patterns are great and are highly necessary for any successful design, but lets get real.  Patterns and textures are SO much better and come to life when they've got some color behind them.  So for today's Friday Five, here are my five favorite color schemes right now. Maybe you'll get inspired to redo one of your spaces!

5. Grey and Green.   There is something so serene about every room I see in this color scheme.  The two colors don't over power one another, but compliment each other just enough.  The contrast doesn't distract your eye, instead it tends to move your eye around the room.  Just don't get too crazy with your green choice.  A soft green is perfect, lets please avoid the crazy ones!

4.  Earth tones. You can almost never go wrong here.  Earth tones are timeless and always elegant. I love when a room is composed of neutral pieces with pops of dark browns and greens.  It makes you feel like you're with nature which is very freeing and relaxing.  Plus, if you get bored with it, all of your main pieces are neutral allowing you to change it up whenever you like.  Throw a few different accent pillows in there, change the artwork, and voila! you have a new space.

3. Turquoise and Orange. I know...this one sounds a little crazy, but trust me its beautiful!  For all of you out there that love a pop of color and want more than just plain neutrals every where, this one is for you!  The complimentary colors work beautifully.  A light turquoise wall with some great orange accent pieces = a room to die for. (I also love the addition of a white sofa or bedding to help calm the space down giving a more peaceful look!)  Its stunning.  Have a look for yourself.

2. Coral. I love love LOVE coral right now.  Last year it began making an appearance, but now its everywhere you look!  There is something so beautiful about this color.  Its great to wear, use as an accent, or make the focal point.  It pairs great with white, cream, grey, brown, gold, etc.  Its a great way to add a splash of color and add interest.  (We actually made our apartment living room grey, coral, and white! Pictures to come later).

1. Grey and Yellow. This is my absolute favorite color scheme right now.  I have always loved everything yellow. There are actually very few applications of yellow that I don't like (like neon or bright yellows).  But when I saw it paired with grey, I fell in love.  There is something so sophisticated and beautiful that happens when these colors are put together.  Its soft but makes an impact.  Its cheery but not so bright that its in your face.  It adds interest without being obvious.  I just love it! (hence my room at home! Pictures to come on that eventually.)

SIDENOTE:  I've decided that Grey is officially my favorite neutral.  Clearly as seen above, almost every picture uses it.  However, it has not won over my love for yellow.

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4 Responses to “Friday Five: Color Schemes”

  1. i don't love the green and gray...and if you like coral and orange so much, why did you insist on me getting rid of the orange pillows?? granted i didn't like them, but you were adamant about them getting gone too! nice post! this makes you sound like you should have your own show on HGTV!

  2. haha thanks! And your pillows were this awful tangerine/reddish orange color, not coral or orange. BIG difference. And they had this awful old grandma print. Ew. My pillows are much better :). And the grey and green isnt my top choice, but it is pretty.

  3. Now that you've changed the picture, the green and gray aren't too bad. But, the coral is my favorite. When are you coming home again? Have a good weekend. I love you.

  4. I liked the playfulness of the first picture, but I figured that was what was throwing people off. I think the two colors are pretty together.