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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ok, so if you've been following any of my posts on Facebook or on here recently, you probably noticed I've entered a LOT of giveaways.  The reason for this is because, one of the blogs I follow does a HUGE set of giveaways each year.  In order to enter those giveaways (each one valued at easily over $700 each) you have to like all of the participating vendors' Facebook pages.  At first this might seem a tad overwhelming, BUT most of the vendors in these giveaways are small businesses.  Lucky for all of us who liked their pages, they get really excited when they hit big milestones like 2,000 or 5,000 fans.  I would say almost half of the vendors I've "liked"  have done an additional giveaway on their personal pages for reaching these big goals.

I say all of this to say that because of the BIG giveaway, I have found my new favorite online shop.  It's called Personalized From Me to You.  They specialize in custom monogrammed goodies.  I overlooked them at first, thinking this would be just another monogram store, but don't be fooled like I was! They have absolutely STUNNING pieces.  Everything from monogrammed scarves, sunglasses, home decor, and jewelry.

Oh the jewelry!  I'm swooning over all of it!!  Seriously, if you love jewelry go take a look.  BUT be warned, you're going to want to buy every. single. piece!

At the moment I'm eyeing their cut out monogram ring.  I don't typically wear rings, but this one is special, one of a kind, and so cute!!  At first the $70 price sounded outrageous but when I googled other stores I found that $70 is a steal, seeing as how they retail at over $200 at other stores.  I haven't bought it yet, because well...I still don't have a job, but no worries it will be one of the first things I spoil myself with when I can! Here take a look, I'm telling you I've got to have one!!  (Size 9.5 in gold if you'd like to buy it for me.  ha!)

And if that piece doesn't have you drooling, this monogram necklace will!  I've been seeing gold monogram necklaces everywhere, and have entered every possible giveaway I can find for one.  If I don't win, then well I'll just have to buy my own one day or ask for it for a Christmas gift.  They're gorgeous!
Seriously, I'm in love with this shop!! I wish I had an income and could actually afford their jewels!!  For now, I'm going to keep window shopping (via computer screen).  Here are some of my other favorite pieces:

How'd that last one get in there!?!  Haha oops ;-)!

Seriously go check them out, you're going to love it ALL!

**All pictures, products, and links are from www.Personalizedfrommetoyou.com, they are not my own!**

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