Not Me Monday

Monday, November 4, 2013

I did not fall down the steps outside of our house the other day.  There's no way I'd be that clumsy.  And there's absolutely no way that I fell in front of the four Haitians working at the house that day.  I always make silly mistakes like that in private, never in front of an audience! And there's no way I fell on my butt so hard that Esther had to call at 9pm to make sure I was ok.  I always fall gracefully and end up on my feet. Ahem.

I also did not do my laundry at the Hambrick's the other day only to get home and realize I never put laundry detergent in with the wash. I definitely decided to wash the load again. I would never smell it and decide they were clean enough to hang my clothes back up.  That's just gross. Only teenage boys do that.

I also did not shed a few tears when it rained the other night.  I would never get so excited over a little thing called rain.

Ahem.  Nope not me.  Never!

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