The View from Here: Picture Dump

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

For those of you who don't follow me on facebook or instagram, here are some pictures from the past two weeks of my life!

 Packing up my life.
 I had the honor of sharing my testimony at Church with all of my family there.
 Saying goodbye at the airport
 Nap time in Miami :)
 The first team to stay and work at HFMS.
 These beautiful ladies cooked and cleaned for us all last week.
 The team built 4 sets of bunk beds for the big room at the end of the hall!
 This is Danielle, the land-lady's daughter.
 This is my new dear friend Esther who helped up tremendously over the last two weeks.  More to come on her soon!
Dad made some new friends.
 Mom and I trying to organize all of my stuff.
 The guys built this shelving unit for my bathroom
 Dad hanging curtains in my bedroom
 Kofael meeting that took place last Saturday.  This was the first outreach women's ministry to happen here at HFMS.
 The upstairs kitchen - took me 5 hours to get it clean and organized!
 Other end of the kitchen.  Please take note of the cooler aka our fridge when there's no power.
 My bedroom.  The guys built this bed and the nightstand.
 Sunset from our balcony.
 Driving around Haiti.

 For all of you who asked, here is one of the grocery stores I shop at. It's just like an American store, just more expensive!
 They even have Kirkland (Costco) brand stuff!! This made me laugh out loud and miss my dad.
My second purchase of groceries was 3,612 goudes which is a little more than $80.

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