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Monday, November 11, 2013

I realized that I've thrown a lot of new names out recently and that most of you have no clue who I'm talking about. So, to help you put a face with the name in my posts, here is a little break down of who's who in my life right now :)

Founder and Director of Hope for My Sister. 

My soon to be American roommate, and the Assistant Center Coordinator here at HFMS.

Julienne Pierre:
Our Haitian roommate, leader of KOFAEL, and ministry partner of HFMS. She is engaged to Frantz.

Frantz Osier:  
Julienne's fiance, leader of KOFAEL, and soon to be third housemate in December.  He will be moving in once they get married to help with things here at HFMS.

Esther Soloman:  
The Haitian woman who helps when we have teams, and a dear friend of mine.

The Hambrick's (Jeremiah, Jennifer, Ella, Ezra, Eli, and Zoe):
My dear friends from the States who are also serving here in Port au Prince.  

Jim & Debbie Hambrick:
Jeremiah's Parents and fellow missionaries here in Haiti.  I've worked with them many times over the last few years.  They are great friends and have been mentors for me through this journey.  They also live two doors down, so we're neighbors! :)

Hope that helps!! You can read more about KOFAEL and their ministry here. You can also read more about HFMS by clicking the link on the navigation bar above!

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