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Sunday, November 17, 2013

I posted on Facebook last night asking everyone if there were any topics, questions, or things they'd like me to blog about.  I tend to get caught in blogging ruts so I thought it'd be nice to have some topics to fall back on.  The first two questions I was asked were:

1.  What things can we collect to send back with you at Christmas?


2.  Since it's Sunday, where do you go for worship?

Well since it IS Sunday, I'll answer #2 first.  Here in Port, I typically attend Port au Prince Fellowship which is a small little church up near Petionville.  Many of the younger missionaries and families go there, and in my opinion it's the best local "American" church I've found.  Most of my good friends here in Haiti attend PAP Fellowship, so it's been the best place for me to get connected and worship alongside other missionaries.

Disclaimer:  I did not take this picture, I found it through google images.  At least it lets you see a small glimpse of the space though :)  Thanks to whoever did take this picture!
I say I typically go there because honestly I never know what Sunday is going to hold for me.  Without a car, I have to find transportation each week to and from church.  The past few weeks this hasn't been a problem since Jenn and Jeremiah have graciously agreed to let me ride along with them (thank you both!!).  This week however, Jeremiah was leading worship and had to be there super early.  With only one car, Jenn & the kids weren't able to attend, and we weren't able to work out other transportation in time.   It ended up being a blessing in disguise however, because I spent the morning watching the video online from last week's sermon at my home church.  I've really been missing Grey Stone lately, so it was nice to have a small piece of them here with me today. Church here is good, but it's not like home.  I'm definitely looking forward to spending some time at Grey Stone during my trip over Christmas!

Where I worship can also change depending on if we have a team here at the house.  Often times when we have a team, or at least in my experience traveling with teams, we can end up at any number of the Haitian churches around.  I do enjoy getting to worship in a Haitian church occasionally, but there's nothing like worshiping in your own language :)

So for now, PAP Fellowship is where I will attend regularly.  I'm definitely open to trying other places, but it seems to be the best fit so far!

Where is your favorite place to worship on Sunday?

If there are any other questions you all may have for me or topics you'd like to hear about, leave me a comment below or on facebook!  I'll get around to all of them eventually!

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