Trusting YOU God!

Friday, March 1, 2013

So many few answers.

My mind has been racing endlessly over the last couple of days.  My mind, wanting the details and answers now, has been fighting with my heart, that knows I must wait.  The questions seem to multiply every day, leading to sleepless nights and unproductive days.

I've been in prayer over all of this every step of the way, and even though I know God is going to make the path clear, I find myself completely unsure of which path to follow.

I covet your prayers as I take this journey.  Please pray for my patience, ability to discern God's will, and courage to walk where He leads.  Please pray that God would make HIS path clear and provide me with the resources, finances, and skills needed to follow through.

I've got two mission opportunities I feel led to follow right now.

One option is what I thought I'd be doing.  It sounds fun, challenging, exciting, right up my alley, and the path I want to take.  It will be hard, and I don't know that I am quite equipped for the job yet, but I know with His help I could do it and bring Glory to His name.

The other...well it is not at all the path I thought I'd be taking.  It's one I have fought every step of the way.  One I feel completely inadequate to fulfill, and one that requires more commitment than I even know if I can make.  It's one that would require more sacrifice than I imagined.  It is an option I know I could do, and would probably be good at once trained, but I just it's a lot to take on!  However, I know God would be glorified through it, and there must be a reason He keeps laying it on my heart.

I can't get either option off of my mind.  Each consumes my thoughts in more ways than one every. single. day.  I find myself at peace over one, one minute, and the next anything but.  I have no clue which path I am supposed to take.

Are they supposed to overlap somehow?

Do I do one now, and the other later?

Do I help with both in a way I haven't even thought of yet?

I simply don't know, but I am covering it all in prayer, waiting for God to reveal His plan.

I just need a HUGE dose of patience until that happens.

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2 Responses to “Trusting YOU God!”

  1. Hi there! :) I'm a long time (silent) reader. :)  I've enjoyed reading about your discoveries and your trip to Haiti.  Proverbs 3:5,6 came to mind as I read this.   Prayers will be said for you and your decision!!

  2.  Thanks Amanda!! I truly appreciate the prayers and I love that verse.  It is one I tucked into memory years ago, and repeat often.  Thanks for reading, and following my journey :)