To Grandmother's House We Went

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This past weekend, all the grand kids headed up to Grandma & Pa's for the weekend, with a couple of extra people in stow :)! 

We've spent plenty of weekends at Grandma's with the whole family, but we've just recently started making it a habit to take grand kid trips.  It's such a fun time for all of us getting to hang out with Grandma & Pa without the chaos when the whole family goes up.  It also thrilled Grandma & Pa so much last time, that we knew it would become a tradition!

So after a little bit of planning, we packed up the car & headed out.  Unfortunately Stephen couldn't go on this trip, but we still had a lot of fun!

Here are some highlights from the weekend.  Prepare yourself for the craziness of my family :)

A trip to Wal-Mart is always a necessity when at Grandma's.  Andy never fails to make us laugh with his discoveries.
 We challenged Andy to make the ugliest outfit possible.  This was his selection.  Ha!
 Erin & I before heading to church!
Old timers!! Reading the newspaper and doing word searches.  Also let me make note of the rivalry in the shirts going on here.
 Andy decided to join the youth choir on Sunday morning.  To say the rest of us enjoyed this would be an understatement!! We got a good laugh out of his attempts to follow along.
 The grand kids!  (this picture is required after every trip to grandma's)
 Along with a few candid shots of our crazy family.
 The whole crew for the weekend after church.
 Andy being Andy.
Ain't they sweet!

We had a lovely weekend!  We all ate WAAY too much food, laughed hysterically, and had a ton of fun reminiscing. 

Thanks for having us Grandma & Pa!  We love you!!!!!

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